We connect, collaborate, advocate

The Partnership provides an organizational framework for collaboration as a way to improve quality of life in the San Joaquin Valley.

We are regional collaborators Рnot a governance, not law or policy makers. We work with others to support policies that are regional in scope.

We are focused on creating a PROSPEROUS ECONOMY, QUALITY ENVIRONMENT, and SOCIAL EQUITY throughout the Valley and achieve this collaboration with regional work groups and strategic priorities.

Regional Work Groups

Advanced Communications Services (Broadband)
Air Quality
Economic Development
Higher Education and Workforce Development
Housing Collborative
PreK-12 Education
Sustainable Communities
Water Quality, Supply & Reliability

Strategic Priorities

Water Supply & Quality
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funding
Higher Education
San Joaquin Rail Service
Regional Industry Clusters Initiative

Six Major Initiatives

Grow a Diversified Globally Competitive Economy Supported by a Highly Skilled Workforce

Create a Model K-12 Public Education System

Implement an Integrated Framework for Sustainable Growth

Build a 21st Century Transportation Mobility System

Attain Clean Air Standards

Develop High-Quality Health and Human Services