Ismael Diaz Herrera

Interim Executive Director

Ismael Díaz Herrera is OCED interim executive director and serves as director of the San Joaquin Valley Rural Development Center (SJVRDC), an OCED initiative. SJVRDC connects rural communities to a wide range of services, resources, expertise and training. SJVRDC leverages assets of the university and regional partners in response to these needs. As an OCED team member, Ismael contributes to development of university-led community and economic development activities, specifically assisting with grant writing efforts which align Fresno State’s assets to regional initiatives aimed at improving the competitiveness and prosperity of the Valley.

Ismael serves on the Mendota Unified School District Board of Trustees and is chairman of the board of directors for Young Emerging Latino Leaders of the San Joaquin Valley, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing young Latino professionals into regional civic leaders. Ismael received a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and Chicano/Latino studies from University of California, Irvine and a Master of Arts in education policy and management from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Ismael is a proud resident of Kerman.

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