• OCED staff documented 625 new Internet adoptions in the San Joaquin Valley and trained 714 parents in Digital Literacy classes, as part of the CETF “Get Connected! San Joaquin Valley” Grant.
  • Fresno County Housing Authority awarded 3 of 8 adoption projects, to bring Internet adoption and digital literacy to urban and rural housing authority complexes.
  • Additional funding was proposed for additional adoptions through a service agreement with CETF in partnership with Frontier and for additional infrastructure assistance through the California Public Utilities Commission.
Public Infrastructure
  • OCED staff submitted Letters of Commitment and Support to government agencies and senate hearings, including comments to the White House on the need for additional infrastructure and adoption funding.
  • OCED staff met with assembly persons and attended hearings to advocate for additional funding through the California Advanced Services Fund.

CED staff was involved in preliminary work with farmers to provide water sensor equipment utilizing broadband.


OCED staff provided stakeholders with notices of funding opportunities.

Regional Consortia Networking

OCED staff collaborated, on an as needed basis, with regional consortia to promote access, adoption and agricultural technologies.


OCED staff joined the Schools, Hospitals, Libraries Broadband Coalition (SHLB) in an effort to keep abreast of current issues.