This year, Our Affordable Housing Summit focused on how the San Joaquin Valley is leading the way in creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities. We heard from organizations like The Greenlining Institute and Self-Help Federal Credit Union on how to bring about equitable community development in valley communities; Topics of water management, addressing homelessness, and different sources of funding to help increase the housing supply were all discussed during this year’s breakout sessions. We invite you to take a look at the materials and presentations from the event and reach out to us if you’d like more information on the San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative.

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A Home For All – Event Program

2019 Affordable Housing Summit

Morning Sessions 

Design Thinking Workshop: Mental Health & Housing: A Holistic Approach

Connecting the Dots: Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Valley

Riding Waves In A Desert: Understanding and Managing Water For California’s Homes

Panel – Self Help Enterprises, Richard Heath & Associates, TRC Energy Services

  • Abigail Solis, Self Help Enterprises
  • Jessi Snyder, Community Development Manager, Self Help Enterprises
  • Martha Lucey, Director, Business Development, RHA
  • Michael Maroney, Senior Project Manager, TRC

Breaking Silos And Bringing Change: Tools For Equitable Community Development

Housing and Transportation: MPO Planning Grants

Metropolitan Planning Organinzation (MPO) Housing Planning Grants

  • Bill Higgins, Executive Director of CalCOG
  • Robert Phipps, Deputy Director, Fresno COG
  • Ben Kimball, Deputy Director, Tulare County Association of Governments
  • Michael Sigala, Principal, Sigala Inc.
  • Paul McDougal, Housing and Community Development

Afternoon Sessions

Creative Solutions for Addressing Homelessness In The San Joaquin Valley

Shining Light On Gap Funding And Energy Program Layering for Affordable Housing Developers

Community Lead Transformations In The San Joaquin Valley

  • Tiffany Eng, Green Zones Program Manager, California Environmental Justice Network
  • Amanda Ford, Transformative Climates Community Program Manager, City of Stockton
  • Michael Duarte, Executive Director, Fresno Housing Authority
  • Grecia Elenes, Senior Policy Advocate, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability

Lessons From Long-Time Community Development Leaders


Past Events
2018 Affordable Housing Summit
The Future Valley

California’s housing crisis is just as pervasive in the San Joaquin Valley as anywhere else in the State. How will our region respond to the unique challenges and opportunities our communities face? The 2018 summit will offer more workshops, roundtables, and networking opportunities than ever before.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
9am to 4pm

AHSC-Making Connections in the Valley

Alternative Housing Types

Building Advocacy for Affordable Housing in the San Joaquin Valley

Here to Stay- Displacement In the San Joaquin Valley

Mapping Opportunity

Morning Plenary

MultiFamily Owners Services- How to Layer a (MultiFamily) Cake and Eat It Too — Overview of MultiFamily Programs and Services

Opportunities and Innovations in Healthy Communities

Strategies and Resources For Addressing Homelessness