The Partnership


A prosperous economy, quality environment, and social equity throughout the San Joaquin Valley.


Connect, collaborate, and advocate around issues facing the eight-county San Joaquin Valley.


Provide an organizational framework for collaboration to improve issues impacting the quality of life in the San Joaquin Valley.

Our Challenge

Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Tulare counties – with 62 cities and more than 4 million residents – make up the San Joaquin Valley, one of California’s most challenged areas in comparison to the rest of the state: average per capita incomes are 32% lower; college graduate rates are 50% below the average; access to health care is 51% lower; and air quality is among the worst in the nation. Recognized worldwide as an agriculture powerhouse and one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, its vast resources are often overshadowed by its persistent problems.

Our Opportunity

Collaboration on a regional scale. Bringing together experts and leaders committed to the same purpose – sustainable economic development, environmental stewardship, human advocacy. Providing a world-class region with a diversified economy, a healthy environment, a high quality of life for all residents.

Impacting Change

Work Groups

Partnership work groups focus on action, each addressing a top priority for the region.

Six Major Initiatives

Recommendations by each work group have been integrated into six major initiatives, identified as the Strategic Action Plan, which drive the overall work of the Partnership.

1  GROW a Diversified, Globally Competitive Economy Supported by a Highly Skilled Workforce

2  CREATE a Model PreK-12 Public Education System

3  IMPLEMENT an Integrated Framework for Sustainable Growth

4  BUILD a 21st Century Transportation Mobility System

5  ATTAIN Clean Air Standards

6  DEVELOP High-Quality Health and Human Services