San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District

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Chief Communications Officer

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The San Joaquin Valley’s air quality is among the worst in the nation, having a significant impact on the health of its residents and the economy. The Valley has one of the highest rates of respiratory ailments and mortality rates attributable to air pollution in the nation. In addition, the air quality has an adverse effect on the region’s economic growth, making it difficult to attract and retain workers and businesses.

2016 Year in Review

Our journey toward cleaner air once again showcased the exceptional traits for which San Joaquin Valley residents are well known. With hard work, ingenuity, and the desire and ability to overcome challenges, we had another record-setting year for clean air; acquired and invested significant dollars to fund clean air projects; and took bold action to bring common sense improvements to the federal Clean Air Act. See Full 2016 Review


The Air Quality Work Group focuses on improving the quality of the San Joaquin Valley’s air through bold and sustainable actions that will enable residents to enjoy healthy air. Goals are to achieve air quality compliance set by the EPA; establish the Valley as a national leader in air quality management; and engage Valley residents in a clean air strategy that includes monitoring, reporting of performance and accountability.

Action Plan
  • Achieve U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for eight-hour ozone
    and PM2.5
  • Encourage EPA adoption of tighter federal emission control standards
  • Implement incentives to accelerate adoption of air quality improvement technologies
  • Promote clean energy projects
  • Encourage “green” local government policies and sustainable communities
  • Accelerate research on emission-reduction strategies and clean-air technologies
  • Improve public understanding of air quality issues and solutions

See Full Action Plan