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Erik Cherkaski
Project Coordinator

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Priority 7

Working to keep our population healthy means we cannot overlook or neglect the tremendous need to treat and care for those residents in our region who are currently struggling with health issues and chronic illnesses. Efforts to advance health equity must encompass actions to ensure all residents have health insurance and access to high-quality, affordable health care.

2016 Report

The Health and Wellness Cluster collaborated with California Health Data team in a new statewide project funded by the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF)’s Free the Data initiative. The goal behind this initiative is to bring together local communities with California’s health data. In March, there was an event with over 30 people in attendance to discuss how health data can be used to make transformative decisions regarding people’s lives. As a development, CHCF also partnered with California Health Department to help facilitate discussions across the state to discuss “Let’s Get Healthy California” and the “Open Data Portal.” The purpose is to officials from the academic, public and private sectors can discuss possible collaborations. See Full 2016 Report

  1. Adopt a health in all policies approach in regional and local decision-making.
  2. Adopt land use policies that reflect an emphasis on smart and equitable growth.
  3. Ensure that all communities, including those that are unincorporated, have access to safe drinking water.
  4. Support the alignment of policies to ensure clean air.
  5. Incentivize retail, public places.
  6. Support and increase the capacity of our public health and health care workforce to identify and address disparities.
  7. Support and increase enrollment in health insurance.
  8. Support and align initiatives intended to improve health and reduce the incidence of chronic disease among Valley residents.