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Priority 2

Transportation and sustainable funding area. Specifically, Transit and Intercity Rail Capital program administered by Caltrans and Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program administered by Strategic Growth Council.

2016 Report

In July 2015, the Office of Community and Economic Development at Fresno State (OCED) and California Coalition for Rural Housing (CCRH) partnered with San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative to host a regional forum, “Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Programs: Funding Opportunities for the San Joaquin Valley.” Over 85 attendees came from across the region to Merced to participate.

The forum provided an opportunity for information sharing with Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) applicants; participants also learned about resources for accessing programs and discussed the limitations of programs and opportunity areas for change. A letter addressing challenges and opportunities for applicants was drafted and sent on behalf of the forum participants to the Strategic Growth Council. See Full Report


Through regional collaboration, assist applicants in the San Joaquin Valley to identify and access outside funding to be used to leverage greenhouse gas reduction funds.


Monitor GGRF policy to ensure funding availability is accessible to potential San Joaquin Valley Applicants. As appropriate, the Partnership Board should take action in requesting funding policy adjustments to create fair distribution of funds for the Valley.

Technical assistance and education