Near-Term Priorities
Improve goods movement capacity within the region while increasing mobility and traffic safety, decreasing congestion, improving air quality, and promoting economic development
  • Increase benefits to the Valley from goods movement through a goods movement enhancement system specific to the region
  • Accommodate current and future goods movement needs while improving air quality and economic prosperity
Foster regional consensus to support development and implementation of the Regional Blueprint
  • Assist development of Regional Blueprint
  • Develop a high-value parks and open space strategy
Determine requisite regional infrastructure and funding strategies to support implementation of the Regional Blueprint and Goods Movement Action Plan
  • Develop and implement a plan for the provision of regional infrastructure
  • Develop and implement process for monitoring the performance and adequacy of regional infrastructure and determining needs
Long-Term Objectives
Implement a Route 99 Corridor Master Plan for the 274-mile section within the San Joaquin Valley as a leading economic development strategy
  • Improve Highway 99 to freeway standards to increase safety
  • Increase Highway 99 capacity which will result in improved mobility and reduced congestion, while protecting environmental resources and fostering economic vitality
  • Create a San Joaquin Valley Route 99 corridor identity
  • Build an ongoing coalition of civic leaders to support improvements to the Highway 99 corridor
Improve safety and capacity of vital east-west corridors
  • Support construction of projects to improve safety and capacity of vital east-west corridors
  • Incorporate plans for improving east-west corridors into Regional Blueprint Plan
Develop a sustainable regionwide transit system
  • Implement an efficient alternative transportation system for intra-regional and inter-regional passenger trips